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We’ve been serving the insurance needs of Northwest Oregon Since 1996. We’re the only agency in the county that exclusively provides health and life insurance. We represent every individual and group health insurance company that serves the region, along with an array of Medicare insurance companies. Our services are offered at no additional cost. You pay the exact same insurance premium whether you use an agent or not, so there’s no reason to navigate this complex market alone.

Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance

We’ll assist you with obtaining individual health insurance directly from the company of your choice or through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Our agents can explain the benefits of each plan offered, find out which network of hospitals and providers best meets your needs and walk you through the enrollment process. We’ll also determine if you qualify for a premium subsidy that can help pay for some or all of your monthly premium.

Individual Health Insurance

For individual plans, Open Enrollment starts November 1st and runs through December 15th. Signing up for coverage during this time ensures an effective date of January 1st. Outside of Open Enrollment, circumstances such as involuntary loss of other coverage can trigger eligibility for a Special Enrollment Period. Speak with one of our agents to see if your circumstances apply.

Options for individual dental coverage are offered year-round

Group Health Insurance

Group medical and dental insurance is available to any business with at least one common-law employee enrolling in the plan. This is an employee who isn’t a shareholder of the business or the spouse of a shareholder. Group coverage offers more plan options than individual coverage and is often less costly, depending on the makeup of the business. Contact us if you would like to receive a quote.


We offer an array of Medicare insurance options to supplement Medicare Part A and B, or you can opt for a Medicare Advantage plan. Medicare Part D covers prescription medications. We can help you find the Part D plan that best meets your needs.
Oregon is one of the few states that has what is known as the Birthday Rule. This rule allows those enrolled in a Medicare Supplement to change insurance companies during their birthday month without being subject to medical underwriting. If you feel you’re stuck with a Medicare Supplement that is too expensive, give us a call to see what your options are.
Group Health Insurance

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